Preparing for Tomorrow’s Workforce

I recently read the findings from a survey conducted by PwC – “Preparing for Tomorrow’s Workforce”.  While reading the report, I reflected on the many organisations I’ve been part of – either as a consultant or an employee.  I also reflected on recent seminars I’ve attended that has covered automation and how we stay relevant with the impending changes that are bound to occur – dare I say it – Robots will be more common in the workplace very soon.

Leadership and culture are going to become even more important as organisations move into the next “generation” for their workforce.  As such, organisations should now be focusing on:

  • Organisaitonal structures that support people to thrive
  • Purpose that movitates a person’s potential
  • Cultures that foster collaboration

To achieve the above, is no easy feat while you’re already working hard in the business to ensure financial stability and success.  Let us help.  We can support leadership teams to ensure optimal organisational structures, develop leadership capability and drive culture change.  Give me a call to discuss how we can support your organisation prepare for tomorrow’s workforce (which is actually already today’s workforce!).