I recently came across the term ‘the VUCA world’……heard of it?  Well in the context of the HR seminar I was in attendance at let me explain:

The discussion was around developing leaders and the importance of agility. 

VUCA means                      Volatility




Research groups who focus on forecasting the future and the value of doing so, refer to this VUCA world we live in. 

The world, as described by the above acronym is volatile, unstructured, complex and ambiguous.  Sounds threatening and frightening?  I agree, but it doesn’t have to be. 

All it means is that when we are thinking about leadership and developing our leaders, we need to focus on new leadership traits or competencies that are required to navigate and in fact succeed in the future.

Try this VUCA                    Vision




These are the competencies that tomorrow’s leaders will need to succeed. 

  • Clear vision helps give a workplace more stability.
  • Understanding will mean an inclusive and diverse workplace.
  • Clarity is simplicity.  If the environment is increasingly complex, then think about keeping that complexity out of the workplace – nothing wrong with “dumbing it down” a bit!
  • Agility successful leaders now have to be more fast moving.  Be prepared to re-visit plans regularly – perhaps even weekly in some cases – and respond to the changes required all the time

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