Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership – what does it actually mean?

Agile Leadership is the ability to navigate through the VUCA world of business – supporting diverse and cross-functional teams through rapid and evolving change.

Agile leaders will have teams that are empowered to make decisions, are clear on direction and each member knows how they contribute to the team’s or business goals.

Agile leadership challenges how leaders have traditionally operated. An agile leader focuses on developing the communication, commitment and collaboration of their people.  The focus moves from efficiency to effectiveness and ensuring all team members understand organisational-wide impacts of decision making.

An agile leader will share power, rather than the traditional command and control style of leadership and will put the needs of customers and employees first – helping their team to develop and perform as highly as possible.

Are your leaders displaying this agility?

Are your HR practices supporting leadership agility? If you’re not sure, or need support on this journey, contact us today.